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I am fucking awesome, thank you


shut up brain i am taking this compliment 


ok but does anyone else ever just

Black-rose4’s Giveaway



So I reached 100 followers and I feel like celebrating. I also reached a landmark on my two largest stories that I have written, 8000 views on one and almost 6000 views on the other (which isn’t even finished yet - wth). So this is a little thank you to those of you who apparently like my writing. 


So technically I’m having two first prizes which will be the same: a story written by me with either A) your OC x pairing (I would discuss them with you if you win) or B) a general pairing of your choice e.g. Fenris x Isabela. Since I only write about Dragon Age it will be Dragon Age pairings I will do, unless I know the preferred fandom really well (again, I’ll chat with it about you if you win). 


  1. Must be following me. I’m doing this as a thank you to my followers for all the support they’ve given me. New followers are more than welcome but don’t be that jerk who follows me just for this. 
  2. Only reblogs will count. 
  3. Multiple reblogs are ok but don’t spam people’s dashboards please. Once you’ve reblogged it you’re already in, so spamming it will just make you look like a jerk, not raise your chances of success.
  4. Giveaway ends on the 3rd October 11:59 am GMT. Yes, that’s only two weeks, but I’m back at university then and honestly if I set if for a month’s time I’ll forget. 
  5. No giveaway blogs. I’ll be checking
  6. Winners will be picked by a random number generator. 

Extra note: Please make sure your ask box is open when the winners are announced so then I can alert you to the fact that you’ve won and so I can discuss your prize with you. 

Winners will need to reply within 24 hours or the prize will be passed on to somebody else!

Extra extra note: I reserve the right to decline your choice of topic if I am not comfortable writing about that (although admittedly I have written about most things) and if you cannot respect that or think of something else that I may even have to redraw your prize and give it to someone else. 

For examples of my writing you can look here or here 

yay! i hope the fate might be kind for me this time ;u; i’d love to read a fic about my babbus…




I think that’s Sera’s party icon [source]

fuck i really really wish to find myself on his place one day ;u; i want to be an artist in game dev, period.




Bann Teagan »»»»»»»»» Chuck Norris.  That’s right!  I said it!

fuuuuuck, i’m choking on my fooood! xD




*twitch twitch*  I… I… *shaky shaky*  s-senpaaaaaiii!  morie91-senpai noticed me!!

hahaha omg, hoodie, how many times i have to tell you that i don’t deserve to be called senpai? xD

tho i still love you, i love you all <333

Shut yer face, you SO deserve it!  GO SEE HER ART, IT’S AWESOME!  Plus, thanks to you, I get to see Cullen’s rear end first thing in the morning!

uwuwuwu *drowns in feelsuh* oh gosh it feels so nice to be somebody’s senpai x3 and all of the cullenites are too good for me… i ain’t even one of “the cool kids” in this fandom ;p

"cullen’s rear as an universal medicine" - someone could write an essay on that xD


*twitch twitch*  I… I… *shaky shaky*  s-senpaaaaaiii!  morie91-senpai noticed me!!

hahaha omg, hoodie, how many times i have to tell you that i don’t deserve to be called senpai? xD

tho i still love you, i love you all <333


things that really get me going thinking about DAI cullen:

  • cullen’s hands being rough and calloused from years of sword training, but his nails being neatly trimmed and clean
  • cullen rubbing his stubble every morning and wondering if he can get away with one more day of not shaving
  • cullen asking a romanced inquisitor to help him shave
  • cullen wearing loose tunics, unlaced and open enough to catch a glimpse of his hard torso and light chest hair, while he trains
  • cullen taking the tunic off during particularly intense training, exposing the scars across his body and a smattering of freckles on his shoulders
  • cullen inspecting armor for the new inquisition recruits, tugging on buckles to make sure they’re fitted properly and affectionately slapping their helmets when they’re good to go
  • cullen being distracted by the inquisitor at the advisor meetings, finding himself noting small details about her, like a mole on her neck or the way she chews her nails when she deliberates
  • cullen being unable to turn his tactical mind off after the buzz of intimacy fades, and running his fingers across the inquisitor’s bare back or leg, working out the next strategy for attack with each stroke
  • cullen on his knees before every battle, praying for success or salvation or purpose in death, and tucking a chantry amulet into his armor
  • cullen on his knees before every battle, kissing and licking and nuzzling and wholly worshiping every inch of the inquisitor, promising her his love and their success